Car Games (8/28)

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In our Road Trip Activities, we have a bunch of great games you can print out and play with your kids in the car. Here's two more to add:

*Look As You Go: One person decides on three objects that you might see along your trip (i.e. a brown cow, a train, a tall building). The first person to find all three objects gets to choose the next three.

*Song Game: For younger children: Give one child a word (such as "star"). They will then sing a song that has that word in it (such as "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star"). Or, they can make up a song using that word. Have them give you a word, too. For older children: one person picks a word. Each person in turn has to sing a song (or at least two or three lines) that includes that word. If you can't think of a song, you are out. Last person standing wins the round and chooses the next word. Do a practice round with a very generic word such as "love" to get everybody warmed up.