Cow Seeds

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Great Earth Day Activity! This is a fun activity for kids of all ages and is a great opportunity to explain how plants grow. Also makes a great novelty gift. (all ages)

What You’ll Need:
*Large white dried beans
*Permanent black marker
*Small sandwich bag
*Cow Seeds Instructions (see attachment below)
*Flower pot with soil, or other spot to plant seeds

*Use the black market to draw black cow spots on the white seeds.
*Place 5 to 6 seeds in each bag.
*Print out Cow Seeds Instructions -- either Word document OR PDF. (Each sheet will make 6 instruction cards.)
*Staple the Cow Seeds Instructions to the bag.

*Hand each child a bag of cow seeds and instructions.
*Plant the seeds. Make sure they get water and sun, don’t forget to “moo” and your bean plants will be here in no time! (The seeds will grow better if they are soaked overnight first, but this is not necessary.)

Suggested resources:
-- The Tiny Seed by Eric Carle
-- -- another great seed activity
-- (for older kids -- How Do Seeds Grow?)

This activity can also be found in the "Arts & Crafts" section of our site.

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