Mother's Day: Flower Pens

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Give that special Mom in your life flowers that she can keep forever! A fun way to keep your pens from disappearing – and pretty enough to leave out!

What You’ll Need:
*Green floral tape
*Plastic or silk flowers
*Sharp scissors or knife
*Decorative glass stones
*Flower pot (no drainage holes, about 3 inches) OR small vase

*If necessary, clean and dry the flower pot or vase.
*Cut the flowers so that the stem is about an the same length as the pen, or shorter.

*Remove caps from pens.
*Use floral tape to secure flower to pen. You want the flower itself to be at the end of the pen you don’t write with. Start at the top and wind around the length of the pen and go back up, covering the flower “stem” completely.

*Floral tape does not seem sticky, until you start stretching it and winding it around the pen. The green-wrapped pen will now function as the flower stem. Repeat with all pens.

*Fill the flower pot or vase with the decorative glass stones. Place flower pens, point side down, into the stones.
*Send us a picture of your Flower Pens and we may post it to our site!

Suggested Resources:
- Flippy Flowers -- free online game for kids
Another great Mother’s Day Gift: Flower Bookmarks

This activity can be found in the Arts & Crafts section of our site.