Jean Tote Bag

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Use an old jean skirt (or get one from Goodwill) to make this adorable tote bag. Perfect to take on a sleepover or out to the mall! If you like this craft, check out our Flower Pattern Shirt -- super cute and no sewing required!

What You’ll Need:
*Jean skirt
*Sewing machine
(If you don't have a sewing machine, you can use a fabric glue for the tote bag and a heavy duty needle and thread for the handles)
*Fabric paint

*Cut a least two inches off the bottom of the skirt. If it's a longer skirt, cut the skirt down to about 12 inches long from the waist.

*Turn the skirt inside out and glue or sew the bottom together. Allow to dry and turn right-side-in.

*From the material you cut off the skirt, cut two long pieces for handles, about 2 inches wide. Fold them in half and glue or sew.

*Take one handle and pin to the inside of the back of the waistband, making sure it is centered.

*Sew the handle in place. Repeat with the second handle to the inside of the front of the waistband.

*Decorate with fabric paint and allow to dry.
*Send us a picture of your kids and their totes and we may post it to our site!

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This activity can be found in the Arts & Crafts sections of our site.