From Seed to Flower

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With the warmer weather coming in, it’s time to plant flowers! It can be hard for young children to be patient as their seeds grow into plants. While they wait, do this great activity that shows them the progression of seed to flower. This craft courtesy of Ashland Community Preschool.

What You’ll Need:
*Large seeds, such as sunflower seeds
*Crayons, markers, or colored pencils
*Black marker

*Talk with your children about what seeds need to grow: soil, water, sun. Ask what they think their flowers will look like when they bloom. Explain that while the seeds you’ve planted will take a few weeks to grow, you can do this craft together now to show what they hope the flowers will look like. Once your flowers have bloomed, compare them with the drawing.

*Hold your paper horizontally and think of it has having three equal sections – one for each stage of the plant in this activity.
*First color in the soil at the bottom of the whole picture. Talk about how soil is an important part of a flower’s growth. (For older children, you can even do a little science experiment growing seeds with and without soil to see which grow better and faster – bean seeds work best because they grow quickly.)
*Now “plant” the seeds. Again, imagine the paper is in three equal sections – one for each stage of the plant. Glue the seeds in the soil in each of the three sections.
*Above the first group of seeds, just draw the sun and some rain to show that the seeds will need sun and water to grow.
*Above the second group of seeds, draw a seedling. Explain how plants begin with two leaves coming out of the seeds. Add the sun and water again to show how important they are. (For older children, you can continue the science experiment by varying the amount of water and sunlight you give to actual seeds to see how that affects their growth – bean seeds work best because they grow quickly.)
*Above the third group of seeds, draw your flower. What do you think the flower will look like? What color will it be? How tall will it grow?
*Send us a picture of your flowers and we may post it to our site!

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