Staycation Activity Kit

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You don’t need to go anywhere or spend a lot of money to have a great family vacation! Take some time off and spend it with your family, having fun with these 9 great ideas. If you like this activity, check out our Road Trip Activities - 11 great ideas for going on the road with kids.

You can print out this entire sheet of ideas by clicking on the “Staycation” attachment below – either in MS Word or PDF.

#1: T-Shirt Souvenir: Make a t-shirt to commemorate your family vacation and give everyone a souvenir of your “trip.”

What You’ll Need for T-Shirt Souvenir:
*Solid color t-shirts, one per family member (If you are using the bleach pen, t-shirts should not be white)
*Bleach Pens or Fabric Pens
*Paper bag or newspaper
*Chalk (only if using bleach pens)

Preparation for T-Shirt Souvenir:
*If using new shirts, wash and dry according to instructions.
*Decide on the design for your t-shirts. You may want to practice drawing it on paper first.

Activity #1: T-Shirt Souvenir
*Place the paper bag and newspaper inside the shirt so that your design won’t bleed through to the back of the shirt.
*If using the fabric pens, draw on your shirt just as you would with regular markers.
*If using the bleach pen, draw your design with chalk first. Then slowly and carefully trace the chalk with the bleach pen.
*Allow to dry thoroughly, then wash and dry the shirts separately from other laundry.

#2: Postcards for Grandma and Grandpa: What’s a family vacation without sending a postcard to the grandparents? Buy some at the store to mail, or create your own.

What You’ll Need for Postcards:
*Postcards or cardstock paper
*Markers, crayons, etc.

Activity #2: Postcards
*If making your own postcards, cut your cardstock into 4 rectangles.
*Draw a picture of your family, house, or a fun activity you have done on your staycation on one side of the card.
*On the other side, draw a line down the middle to split the card into halves. Write your message on one half and the mailing address on the other.

#3: Recycled Games: Show your kids how to re-use while working on creativity.

What You’ll Need for Rcycled Games:
*Containers from the recycling bin such as yogurt/cream cheese/sour cream/margarine containers, cereal boxes, cans, etc.
*Yarn or string
*Small balls of various sizes or dry beans

Preparation for Recycled Games:
*Clean out the containers and allow to dry.

Activity #3: Recycled Games
*Create games using the recycled items. Help your children come up with the rules for their games and then play them together as a family.

#4: Theme Picnics: Have a different picnic everyday for lunch or dinner.

What You’ll Need for Theme Picnics:
*Food/drinks that go with your theme
*Decorations to go with your theme
*Paper, marker/crayons, etc.
*Blanket, paper/plastic products

Preparation for Theme Picnics:
*If you’d like to invite friends to join you, make invitations using the paper, marker/crayons and pass them out a few days ahead of time.

Activity #4: Theme Picnics – theme ideas
*Only round foods
*Foods of all one color
*Foods of a particular size (for example: long, skinny foods such as spaghetti, green beans, celery, etc.)
*Foods from a specific country or ethnicity

#5: Beach Day: You don’t need sand or surf to enjoy these beach activities!

What You’ll Need for Beach Day:
*Large pieces of cardboard, one per family member
*Surfing music
*Blue sheet/blanket/fabric
*Volleyball net & beach ball
*Water balloons

Preparation for Beach Day:
*Put on your swimsuits, set up the volleyball net, blow up the beach ball, and fill up the water balloons.

Activity #5: Beach Day
*Cut the large pieces of cardboard into surfboard shapes.
*Paint them to look like surfboards. Allow to dry.
*While waiting for the paint to dry, play a game of beach volleyball or water balloon toss with the volleyball net, beach ball, and water balloons.
*Lay out the blue sheet/blanket/fabric on your lawn and turn on the surfing music. Take turns and see who can do the fanciest tricks and moves on their surfboard!
*Check out our Tic Tac Toe Beach Towel - a great game to play at home or at the beach.

#6: Hidden Treasure: Not all treasure is buried in the sand!

What You’ll Need for Hidden Treasure:
*Marker/crayons, etc.
*Prize such as a family game, movie tickets, family DVD to watch, etc.

Preparation for Hidden Treasure:
*Decide where to hide the prize.

Activity #6: Hidden Treasure
*Working backgrounds from the hiding spot, create clues using paper and markers/crayons that lead to each spot, hiding each clue in the spot BEFORE its answer.
*The first clue should be left someplace the children will see it easily. This clue will then lead them to the next one, and so on.
*Check out our Treasure Stones activity -- another fun way to do a scavenger hunt.

#7: Carnival: Create a carnival in your own yard!

What You’ll Need for Carnival:
*Paper, markers/crayons
*Empty cans
*Golf Balls
*Empty soda bottles
*Dirt or sand
*Soccer ball
*Large and small plastic container lids
*Wet sponges
*Large basin or wading pool filled with water
*Prizes from the dollar store

Preparation for Carnival:
*Make up invitations for friends and neighbors to join you and deliver them a few days ahead of time.
*Clean out empty cans, soda bottles, and container lids. Allow to dry.

Activity #7: Carnival
*Ball Roll: Roll the golf balls into the empty cans.
*Bowling: Fill up soda bottles with dirt/sand. Roll the soccer ball to knock over the “pins.”
*Ring Toss: Cut the centers out of some of the large plastic container lids (save small lids for next activity). Stick a few sticks in the ground and throw the “rings” and try to circle the sticks.
*Penny Toss: Float the small plastic lids in the water in the basin or wading pool. Toss the pennies and try to land on the plastic lids.
*Sponge Toss: Throw a wet sponge at a target (such as the outside wall of the house, the playground, a tree, or even Dad!)
*Don’t forget to give out prizes to the “winners”!
*Check out our Bean Bag Toss, Bobbing for Ducks, Giant Ring Toss, and our Carnival-themed snacks to get you started!

#8: Mini Golf: Turn your yard into your very own putt-putt course!

What You’ll Need for Mini Golf:
*Empty cans or plastic cups
*Golf balls
*Golf clubs
*Construction paper
*Things for hazards: sand, old boards, PVC piping, etc.

Activity #8: Mini Golf
*Make your flags for each hole by cutting the construction paper into triangles and decorating them with the number of that hole. Poke the stick through the construction paper and stick into the ground near that hole.
*Create any hazards you’d like to have.
*Place empty cans or plastic cups for your holes.

#9: Campout: Set up your tents, start a fire, and tell ghost stories – without ever leaving your house.

Activity #9: Campout
*Set up camp in the yard. If you don’t have a tent, drape a sheet over a length of rope tied between two trees. Have a cookout and plan for all evening activities to be outside. Sing songs, play flashlight tag, and tell stories.
*Check out our Camp-IN & Firepit Craft.

*Send us a picture of your kids playing this game and we may post it to our site!

Suggested Resources:
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