Tuxedo Shirts

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Have a glam Hollywood Night with some old bridesmaid/flower girl dresses and these super-simple and totally adorable tuxedo shirts. If you like this craft, check out our Hawaiian Grass Skirt - another fun dress-up activity.

What You'll Need:
*Black t-shirt
*White polo shirt
*Fabric glue
*White fabric dimensional paint ("puffy" paint)
*Fabric scrap

*Start at the front center of the collar of the black shirt and cut a straight line down (about as far as the armpits of the shirt).
*Place some newspaper inside the shirt to keep the glue or paint from bleeding through to the back. Fold over the cut edges and glue down so it looks like the lapel of a jacket. Allow to dry.

*Use the white paint to outline the lapels.

*Add details such as the buttons and breast pocket. Glue a small piece of fabric over the "pocket" to look like a pocket square. Allow to dry.

*Layer the black shirt over the white polo shirt. Use another piece of scrap fabric to make a bow tie.