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Teach your children the importance of voting with these fun voting activities. And don’t forget to get out and vote this Election Day, November 2.

What You’ll Need:
*Brown craft paper or construction paper
*Paint, stickers, markers, etc.

*Talk with your children about why we vote. Explain that even if your choice isn’t the “winning” one, it’s important to express our opinions and that every vote counts. With older children, you can talk about recent elections that have been very close. With younger children, explain how in these activities, the choice with the most votes will win. See below for websites that explain our nation’s electoral process to children.
*Explain that you will be voting on the things you will be doing tomorrow.

*Make a ballot box using a shoebox. Cover with craft paper or construction paper and decorate with paint, stickers, makers, etc. Cut a slit in the top to place your votes.
*Discuss what things you will be voting on. We recommend choosing four activities. For example: what to eat for dinner, what TV show or movie to watch, what game to play, even what color everyone will wear.
*Create ballots using paper. Each person will need one piece of paper. Fold each paper into quarters. Each quarter will have the choices for one activity. At the top of each quarter, write the activity you will be voting on, such as “Dinner”. Underneath, write two or three choices that you come up with together. (For younger kids, you can draw pictures instead.) Put a box beside each choice. Once the ballot is complete, repeat for each member of the family.
*Choose a room to be your voting booth. (You could even do it in the tub or shower, so they can pull the curtain for privacy.) Have them check off one option under each category and place their completed ballots in your ballot box.
*Once everyone has voted, open up the ballot box and count the votes together. Remind your children that they do not need to share how they voted with anyone unless they want to.
*Remember to stick with the winning choices and don’t forget to go out and vote on Election Day, November 2.
*Send us a picture of your kids voting (at home or with you at the voting booth) we may post it to our site!

Suggested Resources:
*Ben’s Guide to the U.S. Government for Kids
* How the President is Elected

This activity can be found in the Holidays section of our site.