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Check out our Holidays page for some GREAT Easter, Passover, Earth Day, & Mother's Day ideas!

Stained Glass Pictures - (ages 3 to 8) Hang these beautiful “stained glass” pictures in your window! A beautiful, easy craft that kids will love to make.

Spring Craft: From Seed to Flower - (ages 2 to 8) With the warmer weather coming in, it’s time to plant flowers! It can be hard for young children to be patient as their seeds grow into plants. While they wait, do this great activity that shows them the progression of seed to flower.

Spring Craft: Toilet Paper Roll Butterfly - (ages 2 to 8) Make this beautiful butterfly while discussing the benefits of recycling and reusing household items!

Spring Craft: Cupcake Garden - (ages 2 to 5) Spring is here! Get ready to plant your garden by doing this Cupcake Garden craft using pictures of your children and cupcake liners.

Earth Day/Spring Craft: Cow Seeds - (all ages) Great Earth Day Activity! This is a fun activity for kids of all ages and is a great opportunity to explain how plants grow. Also makes a great novelty gift.

Chicks in a Basket - (ages 3 to 6) Use leftover Easter grass and some simple shapes to create this adorable craft.

Flower Petal Bookmarks - (ages 4 and up) Use colorful flower petals to make a beautiful bookmark for the kids or as a gift.

Photo Flower Bookmarks - (ages 2 to 8) Kids will get a kick out of having a loved one "watching over" them while reading!

Flower Pens - (ages 5 & up) Flowers you can keep forever! A fun way to keep your pens from disappearing – and pretty enough to leave out!

Snowflake Flowers - (ages 4 & up) If your spring flowers haven’t bloomed yet, make these fun easy flowers at home to give to someone special!

Flower Picture Magnets - (ages 7 to 10) Make these pretty flower magnets using the kids’ pictures. A perfect gift or just to hang on your fridge.

Spring Craft: "Hand"-made Spring Flowers - (ages 1 to 5) These "hand"-made flowers are guaranteed to get everyone in the mood for spring! They make a great gift for grandparents, too!

Tissue Paper Flower Bouquet - (ages 3 & up) These everlasting flowers will brighten up any table!

Mexican Bark Paintings - (ages 4 & up) Make this beautiful, brightly colored artwork that will look great anywhere in your home or classroom!

Bunny Patch Shirts - Whether you're covering up a stain or decorating a plain shirt, use iron on patches in fun and creative ways!

Spring Craft: Baa, Baa Black Sheep - (ages 2 to 6) Teach your child the "Baa, Baa, Black Sheep" nursery rhyme and make your very own black sheep!

Animal Doorstop - (ages 4 to 10) Make these adorable animal doorstops -- but your kids may prefer to play with them than to use them on their doors!

Bird Feeder - (ages 4 to 10) Re-use plastic bottles to make a bird feeder.

Rainbow Mobile - (ages 2 to 6) Don't wait for Mother Nature to brighten up your day with a rainbow! Make these simple Rainbow Mobiles and have a rainbow any time you want one.

What's the Weather - (ages 3 to 6) A great activity for preschoolers who are getting interested in the weather!

Flower Pattern Shirt - (ages 10 & up) Turn a plain t-shirt into something new and fun with just a few snips!

Handprint Lilies - (ages 3 to 10) Make your favorite lilies with this hands-on flower project!

Flower Pot Wind Chimes - (ages 3 & up) Making these wind chimes will be a breeze!

Plastic Jug Watering Can - (ages 5 & up) Your kids will love to help out with this watering can that's just their size.

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Handprint Apple Tree - (ages 3 to 7) September 26 is Johnny Appleseed Day. Make this "hands-on" craft while learning about Johnny Appleseed.

CountingBook - (ages 3 to 7) Practice number identification with this great counting book you can make yourself.

Clock - (ages 3 to 7) Practice telling time with this simple clock.

Cuff Bracelets - (ages 5 & up, with adult help) Re-use old sweatshirts and make a fashionable accessory at the same time.

Key Chain - (ages 5 & up, with adult help) Never lose your key again with this cute key chain.

Back to School Organizer - (ages 4 & up) Get organized at home or at school with our apple organizer.

Pencil Case Craft - (ages 5 & up, with adult help) Get ready for school with these homemade pencil cases!

Jean Pocket Organizers - (ages 7 & up) Use the pockets of old jeans to organize your desk, work space, kitchen, or craft room!

Stained Glass Placemats - (ages 4 to 10) Create these beautiful placemats to decorate your table this Fall, or modify the cut outs for any season or holiday!

"Wax" Leaf Garland - (ages 2 to 8) Who needs to use real wax? Collect leaves, make rubbings, and use contact paper to create this garland to decorate your home for Fall.

Acorn Tree - (ages 2 to 8) Collect acorns together and have fun creating some Autumn decor for your home!

Paper Plate Masks - (ages 2 to 5) A great start to a Halloween costume, but quick and easy enough to make for dress-up any time of year!

Fall Pointillism Painting - (ages 2 to 6) Use a painting technique called pointillism to create a fall picture and learn about French painter George Seurat.

Handprint Seasonal Trees - (ages 2 to 6) We created a Fall tree, but with very few materials, you can create this tree for any season!

Rainbow Crayons - (ages 3 to 10) Use old bits and pieces of crayons to create new rainbow crayons.

Apple Prints - (ages 2 to 8) Use apples to create designs on t-shirts, tote bags, even your own homemade wrapping paper!

Apple Butterflies - (ages 2 to 8) A great Fall craft to tie-in with apples. Make these beautiful butterflies you can enjoy all year!

Paper Plate UFOs - (ages 3 to 8) Kids will love making these alien spaceships. When you’re finished, toss them like a Frisbee outside to see whose “flies” the furthest!

Painted Pencils & Recycled Desk Organizers - (ages 7 & up) Use recycled materials to make desk organizers and add some flair to ordinary pencils. A great way to get organized for school!

No Slip Socks - (ages 7 and up) Now that Fall is here and winter is just around the corner, the mornings can be chilly on those bare feet! And if you have children, it can be impossible to keep track of whose socks are whose. Create custom, no-slip socks so you’ll always know which socks go on which feet.

Hawaiian Grass Skirt - (ages 3+) Practice your hula dancing with this "grass" skirt!

Summer Craft: Hawaiian Leis - (ages 3+) Fun, easy summertime activity. Perfect for a luau-themed party or just for feeling pretty!

Budgies Craft - (ages 3 to 8) Make these pretty birds with just 4 household items!

Jean Tote Bag - (ages 8 & up, with adult supervision) A fun way to reuse an old jean skirt. Perfect for a sleepover or outing at the mall!

Firefly Catching Jar - (ages 3 to 10) Whether you call them fireflies or lightning bugs, you'll be sure to catch them faster with this adorable craft.

Camping Tent Frame - (ages 5 & up) An adorable way to display your favorite camping memory

Personalized Luggage Tags - (ages 5 & up) Make some personalized luggage tags to use for your vacation this summer!

Watermelon Seeds Craft - (ages 3 to 7) Buy a watermelon from a local farm and save the seeds for this adorable craft.

Boardwalk Frame - (ages 5 to 12) Use your favorite beach picture in this adorable boardwalk picture frame.

Sandcastles Forever - (ages 3 to 12) Sandcastles aren't just for the beach! Bring home some beach sand and shells to make a sandcastle at home that won't fall apart!

Jellyfish Craft - (ages 3 to 10) Make these beautiful jellyfish to swim around your room.

Aquarium Sticker Scene - (ages 4 to 10) A make-your-own aquarium scene with stickers that you can rearrange as often as you'd like.

Canada Day: Handprint Flag - (ages 2 & up) Canada Day is July 1 -- show your Canadian pride or your love for our northern neighbors with this great craft.

Dream Catcher/Eye of God - (ages 2 to 10) The classic camp craft! Make your Dream Catcher/Eye of God and find out the history behind it!

Tie Flower Pot & Candy Bouquet - (ages 2 & up) Make this sweet, creative, and original gift for Dad! (Also can be modified to make a great teacher appreciation gift, baby shower gift, and Mother's Day gift!)

Painted Turtle Rocks - (ages 2 to 10) Much less messy and expensive than the real thing, kids will love to play with these painted turtle rocks almost as much as the real thing.

PuzzlePlanks - (ages 3 to 8) Use popsicle sticks to make a fun puzzle -- also works great for scavenger hunts and treasure maps!

Summer Camp TShirts - (ages 3 & up) Make a stencil out of freezer paper and create your own t-shirt design for your month of summer camp activities!

Beach Towel Poncho - (ages 2 & up) A great way to re-use your towels and keep your kids dry!

Summer Picasso - (ages 4 & up) Learn about Picasso and make a summer vacation collage!

Sandbox Dinos - (ages 2 & up) Have your children create their very own dinosaur fossil that they can then dig up in their own sandbox or at the beach!

Summer Craft: Hooded Towels - (ages 12 and up) Once my kids grew out of their baby hooded towels, I made them their own! Use any regular size bath towel and hand towel and you’ll have a big kid size hooded towel in minutes! If your older child knows how to use a sewing machine, this is a great, easy craft for them to do on their own.

Glitter Sun - (ages 2 to 5) Even the littlest kids can make this sunny craft!

Create a Storybook - (ages 3 and up) Use paper bags to create versatile storybooks that you can use for just about anything!

Fabric Wreath - (ages 10 & up) A beautiful wreath to decorate for any holiday or season. Use spring colors and patterns for the perfect house deocration.

Hands of Love - (all ages) A hands-on craft that makes the perfect gift!

Baby Burp Cloths - (ages 12 and up) Do you know a new Mom or Mom-to-be? These fashionable burp cloths are easy to make and are a perfect homemade baby gift!

Bleach T-Shirts - (ages 3+) A great way for kids to make a t-shirt design for themselves or as a gift.

Snowman Measuring Stick - (ages 3 to 8) Make this adorable snowman measuring stick to make measuring your snowfall fun!

Popsicle Snowman - (ages 2 to 8) A super-cute snowman magnet made out of popsicle sticks.

Super Bowl Shakers - (ages 3 & up) Make these easy Super Bowl Shakers to show your team spirit!

Inspire Your Heart with Art - (all ages) Jan. 31 is "Inspire Your Heart with Art Day." Once you have chosen your favorite of your child's artwork, see our suggestions for making it inspirational!

The Cat's Meow? - (ages 3 and up) Jan. 22 is "Answer Your Cat's Questions Day!" First make these cute cat masks to get your child into cat mode, then ask silly cat questions!

Biggest to Smallest Christmas Tree - (ages 3 and up) Teach your child the concepts of biggest and smallest while creating this Christmas tree craft.

Christmas: CD Ornaments - (ages 3 and up) Recycle old CDs and decorate your tree all at once.

Flower Petal Bookmarks - (ages 4 and up) This beautiful flower petal bookmark is not only a great way to commemorate summer flowers, it’s a great way to get kids into reading!

Mother's Day: Bookmarks - (ages 2 to 8) If that special Mom in your life loves to read, make these simple customized bookmarks for her using pictures of her children or grandchildren.

Mardi Gras Masks - (ages 3 to 9) Create these Mardi Gras masks with any craft materials you have on hand, then march in a Mardi Gras parade!

Paper Plate UFOs - (ages 3 to 8) Kids will love making these alien spaceships. When you’re finished, toss them like a Frisbee outside to see whose “flies” the furthest!

Easy Tangrams - (ages 3 to 5) A fun variation one the traditional Chinese Tangram puzzles.