Carnival Week: Giant Ring Toss

It’s Carnival Week at My Activity Maker, and we’re starting it off with our giant ring toss! If you like this craft, you’ll also like our Rosy Ring Toss craft & story.

What You’ll Need:
*4 hula hoops, 2 of each color
*Red & blue duct tape, optional
*Sticks, dowel rods, or flags


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Carnival Food

Carnival Week is coming to My Activity Maker and what better to start off than with our favorite foods & snacks! If you like this craft, you’ll also like our Candy Bouquet.

Suggested Snacks (Recipes Below):
*Fresh-squeezed lemonade
*Funnel Cake
*Mini-Caramel/Chocolate-Covered Apples
*Caramel Corn
*Mini Corn Dogs

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Painted Turtle Rocks

Pet Turtle Rocks

Take the pet rock craze to a more fun and educational level with our painted turtle rocks. If you like this craft, check out our Hide A Rock craft which also uses painted rocks.

What You’ll Need:
*Large rock (looks for ones that are fairly flat)
*Popsicle sticks
*Green paper or craft foam
*Black marker
*Green Paint

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Personalized Flip Flops (6/21)

It's the first day of summer and if you haven't already, it's time to break out your flip flops! Here are some great ideas to add some personalized touches to your flip flops and make your summer footwear sizzle!

*Use hot glue to glue small silk flowers to the straps. Daisies and other flat flowers will work best.
*Hot glue small plastic bugs or other critters to flip flop straps.
*Use a pretty, patterned ribbon and wind it around the straps. Glue in a few spots along the way to secure in place. Tie in a bow at the center. (You can also use colored electric tape or other narrow tape.)
*For wide, cloth straps: Use puffy fabric paint to add some color and designs.

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Bug Collecting (6/22)

Take a jar outside and collect different kinds of bugs. Check out this site to identify the bugs you catch. Don't forget to release them when you are done!

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Dream Catcher/Eye of God

A classic summer camp craft, our Dream Catcher (also called an Eye of God) can be personalized for any child. Hang it up by your bedside to ward off bad dreams and make good ones come true. If you like this craft, you’ll also like our Mexican Bark Paintings.

What You’ll Need:
*2 large sticks, about the same size
*4 small sticks, about the same size

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Carnival Week Preparation (6/24)

Carnival Week is coming to My Activity Maker and you'd better get prepared! We've got lots of great ideas, but we have found that the best ideas come from kids' imaginations. Give them a bunch of recycled materials such as cans, boxes, plastic containers, etc. and see what games they can come up with! Don't forget to make up posters for your friends and neighbors to come join in the fun next week!

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Tie Flower Pot & Candy Bouquet

This Father’s Day, make Dad something sweet, creative, and original! (Also, can be modified to make a great baby shower gift, teacher appreciation gift, or Mother’s Day gift!) If you like this craft, check out our Flower Pot Wind Chimes which also use flower pots.

What You’ll Need:
*Flower pot
*Paint, paintbrushes
*Large green popsicle craft sticks (or plain sticks & green paint)

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Father's Day Memory Book

Use old pictures of friends and family to create a memory book for Dad this Father’s Day. If you like this craft, check out our Create a Storybook -- another great Father's Day gift idea.

What You’ll Need:
*Heavy cardstock
*Hole Punch
*Yarn or ribbon


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Papa, Do You Love Me?

Read Barbara M. Joosse's story up Papa, Do You Love Me? (a follow up to the popular Mama, Do You Love Me?) together with Dad.

*Talk about where your family members have come from. If possible, show your children on a map.
*Have your children find Africa on a map and show them where the Serengeti Plain is. (In Tanzania and Kenya, on the east side of Africa) How is the climate, plant life, animal life, etc. similar to or different from where you live?
*Talk with your child about what you as an adult appreciate about your parents, now and when you were a child. Ask your child what he/she appreciates about you.
*Draw a Massai shield, like the ones in the book.
*Reinforce the idea of unconditional love between parents and children.

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